Receiving and recycling of Scrap Metal

with cargo pickup from any place in the Far East

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Steel scrap metal categories
(grades classifications)

of cooperation

Phone: +7 (423) 238-93-80

Vladivostok city, Fanzavod st., 1

What are our advantages

and why is it profitable to do business with us?

High prices for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap

Dismantling of equipment and cutting of oversized items

Use of our transportation

Receiving in any quantity, we purchase and quantity

Dismantling works

Special conditions for repeat customers

Immediate payments

Cash and payment options. non-cash wire hausfer

You can find out the cost of metal
by contacting us

Categories of metals that we purchase

STM-holding accepts the following categories grades:

Scrap of ferrous metals

Items of interest:

ferrous metal of any category:


• Cast iron - radiators, shut-off valves, pipes, items;

• Iron - railway scrap;

• Steel - rod, wire, sheet steel and tin;

• Steel turnings;

• Steel wire;

• Plumbing scrap.


• Our scrapyard

• Picking from your location

Payment methods:

• Cash

• Wire

Non-ferrous metal scrap

We accept:


• Aluminum: electrical, consumer types, sections, motors, auto wheels;

• Copper;

• Tin;

• Stainless steel;

• Bronze;

• Brass;

• Lead;

• Batteries, dry and wet.


• Our scrapyard

• Picking from your location

Payment methods:

• Cash

• Wire

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?

Our advantages:

We work
without intermediaries

Cargo pickup from any location
of the Russian Far East area

In business
since 1999

We have our own production line and you are guaranteed to work without intermediaries

Own facilities for the export of scrap metal

Our company has been represented on the market of ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap since 1999

About our production

Photos from our production facilities

The company in numbers:

More than 250 units

of equipment

We are located in 9 cities
in Russia

20 years of successful

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Our company provides a range of related services for receiving scrap metals

Sorting metal

by categories

Assessment of metal
and level
of contamination, weighing (weighbridge)

Loading and export
by trucks

Cutting large metal items, dismantling equipment

Accepting scrap after a phone call

If you cannot deliver the scrap metal, we will pick it up ourselves.

Call us, or enter your contact information on the website.

We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss all details.

Metal scrap collection

We accept the scrap using the following methods

Railroad delivery

Trucks delivery

Customers transport delivery

Download the transportation
tariff price list

What is our main advantage?

Unlike most companies we have our own scrapyards

The company processes up to 1000 tons per day

Our yards are stocked with all the necessary equipment and transport

Some locations
in the Far East

List of branches STM-Holding


Dneprovskaya, 27 building 6

Viselkovaya 49A

50 let Soviet Army, 53, build 2

Voroshilova, 42

Biyskaya, 4
















Fanzavod, 1

2-ya Shosseynaya

Vahrueva, 4

Rabochaya, 48

Frunze, 21

Kirova, 94

Lazo, 340

Energeticheskaya, 12

Vodostochnaya, 2a

Shosseynaya, 148

Krasnoznamennaya, 50 build 8/3
















Bolshoi Kamen




Our partners

We work with the final purchasers,
both in Russia and abroad

Step-by-step instructions

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Complete paperwork

You can leave an enquiry on the website or call us: +7 (423) 238-93-80

Our manager will contact you
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After the consultation

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We constantly strive to improve our service network to ensure we provide the best possible service to our customers

Official documents

Our licenses and documents

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Our contact details

Address: 690025, Primorsky krai, Vladivostok, Fanzavod st. 1


+7 (423) 238-9380, 238-8683


Director General:

A. G. Kharchenko

Phone: +7 (423) 238-93-80

Vladivostok city, Fanzavod st., 1